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Krila - Therapeutic Riding

Krila was established in 1995 as an association to help people with Cerebral Palsy. It is a non-governmental, non-partisan, non-profit charitable association of citizens established in order to meet the health, social, educational, cultural, ecological and humanitarian goals and beliefs directly related to helping people with Cerebral Palsy, especially children and young people, and indirectly to all persons with disabilities and protection of their human rights and freedoms.

Address: Otona Ivekovića Street, No 31
10360 Zagreb, Sesvete

Material Resources

  • Property 41500 m2
  • 10 Horses
  • The Administration Building, Barn, Storage for Equipment, Storage for Food
  • Outside Arena, Stands, Indoor Arena

Intellectual Resources

  • EFESDE Matrix
  • 6 EU Approved Grants
  • 9 Partnerships (National and EU)


  1. Number of implemented treatment of hippotherapy - 1555
  2. Number of implemented treatment of therapeutic riding - 3628
  3. Number of training of sport riding - 506
  4. Number of implemented treatment of Bobath neurodevelopmental therapy - 2070
  5. Number of implemented treatment of sensory integration - 34
  6. Total number of implemented therapeutic treatments - 7793
  7. Total number of volunteers - 957
  8. Number of volunteer hours – 33.253,5
  9. The number of individual clients involved in the program - 278
  10. Number of clients of center partners - 138
  11. Total number of clients - 416
  12. The number of clients who use two programs (Riding and Bobath NRT) - 48%
  13. Number of implemented projects of the city of Zagreb - 13
  14. Number of implemented national projects - 8
  15. Number of implemented EU projects - 4

Organizational Chart


Members of the Assembly, Statut čl. 10., čl. 11.





25 Members of the Assembly – children with CP

President of the Association

Saša Tuksar,

Project Manager


Team for the Coordination

Lidija Samac

Chief Coordinator

Petra Peček – Head of the Property

Volunteers -


Team for the Horses



Anja Kuga

Kristina Škrivanek

Petra Peček

Ana Margetić

Martina Markušić

Stjepan Valjak,

Horse Trainer

Therapeutic teams

Saša Tuksar,

Riding Trainer

Anja Kuga,

Riding Trainer

Jelena Oreški,



Dr Sc Svetislav Polovina,


Dr Sc Vinko Belak,

Prof Manager



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