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"Horses Teach Me How To Find 'My Way'" is a European program under the auspices of ERASMUS+. Therapeutic Riding Association of Greece (TRAG) is the coordinator of the program and is cooperating with the following associations across Europe: Festina Lente from Ireland, Associacion Espanola de Equinoterapias (AEDEQ) from Spain, Krila from Croatia, Anche noi a Cavallo (ANAC) from Italy and Nevshehir University from Turkey.

The main objective of this project is to create a space for professionals to exchange and gain essential knowledge and therapeutic methods/techniques in Equine Assisted Therapy. The updated knowledge and techniques applied in such intervention organizations can be very effective in providing: a) professionals, with alternative tools of working, b) horses, with more interesting ways of contributing to therapy and c) clients, with pleasant, enjoyable and exploratory strategies in their therapy.

The value of the project, to be carried out trans-nationally, is that there is great need in establishing a common glossary and strategy in using horses in Disabled's Intervention in all countries. Even the descriptions of the methodology vary from country to country, as Therapeutic Riding, Equine Assisted Therapy, Educational Therapeutic Riding are some of them. Also, nowadays, the updated strategies are not spread and widely used by all countries. The project's suggestions (trainings) in updated approaches and also, the chances of feedback by all partners, that can develop those therapeutic tools, can provide all countries, that are participating, the knowledge to build up a common and broad European strategy in Equine Assisted techniques. Especially, the feedback from each country is very essential, since cultural and/or social parameters might influence the application strategy in different nationalities of the target group. Subsequently, all partners can spread the results of the project to their domestic (national) organizations and even to neighbor countries, so that knowledge and applications are widely spread.


These are the six partners in the project. Click on the flag to see that country's site in a new window.